Getting back into Unreal

This week we worked on setting up a scene in Unreal using Actors found in Epic Games demos. I added an Actor that should break like a window and I want to see if I could get it so that throwing a rock using a Vive could in essence smash the window, but¬†I can’t seem to get it to work. Unlike my previous work where I just copied over the Blueprint from the example scene and switched out the mesh, this doesn’t work with the rock that comes as Starter Content. No idea why.

For the second part of the assignment I played The Lab,¬†essentially a series of tech demos. Valve does a great job (which they should, it is their product) and really showcases the value of the Vive. Slingshotting objects, exploring spaces by bending down, changing scale, and of course humor make a strong case for interactive VR. I think a 20-30 minute funny interactive piece would do really well with the Vive, and I could definitely see myself getting lost in the headset for a few hours if there was content to support it. Even though it’s room-scale I find myself teleporting far more than walking, but just the act of standing up and being able to crouch and turn is enough.

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