Throwing around that $$

This week I played around with Tiltbrush and made some bread and dollar signs. I tried different materials and making them more robust, but I did not like the look of it as much; I think I’d prefer to try a hand at 3D modeling in Blender or C4D for my own look. Playing in Tiltbrush was still fun, though, and is really a magical experience. I’m thinking for this class I want to make a project related to my thesis topic – so an experience related to the failures of capitalism that grow more apparent each day. I’m not sure how that will look in VR though. For my thesis I believe I will make a multiplayer arcade game encouraging cooperation over competition, but VR is a singular experience so I need to find a way to leverage that. It is still far more fun to interact with a world, so I know I want there to be an element there. Both The Rose & I as well as The Invasion were interesting shorts, but being a fly on the wall is not as interesting to me. Passage is a good example of feeling like you have more agency as a player while it is still a very linear story which is interesting. I also looked at Bear71 which is a web VR experience that I experienced on my laptop, and I thought it was amazing. The voice-over gave a clear story while I was able to explore on my own and find out more pieces of the story. Though I experienced it on the web I’d be curious to try it in a headset and see how different that is.

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